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Eurythmy West Midlands offers a unique opportunity for Training in Eurythmy


If you are looking for an activity that has both a physical and spiritual dimension, that involves movement, music, poetry, drama, colour, and encompasses education, stage performance and therapy, a training in eurythmy may provide you with the answer to your search.


Eurythmy West Midlands offers two separate programmes which together form the four-year eurythmy course:




Diploma in Eurythmy Education & Eurythmy as a Performing Art (Level 6)

This programmes is Crossfields Institute Self-Regulated Qualifications (SRQs) – for further information, see below.


The art of eurythmy was developed initially with Rudolf Steiner (1861–1925), who worked with movement artists, actors and speakers, painters, teachers, scientists and doctors, gradually to expand this art-form into something which is now practised all over the world.


























ENROL NOW! New intake starts September 2018

Our courses offer a path of self-discovery and a training of capacities that gives the student a foundation to go on to teach public classes and participate in performing work. The postgraduate level courses enable the student to become a teacher in schools, to take eurythmy as a social and developmental activity into businesses, or to become a therapist in a variety of healthcare settings.


Certification :



Successful graduates are awarded a Diploma in Eurythmy issued by the Section for Eurythmy, Speech and Music in Dornach, Switzerland. The programmes, Eurythmy Education and Eurythmy as a Performing Art are also certified as Crossfields Institute Self-Regulated Qualifications (SRQs). SRQs are designed, delivered and awarded to the same quality standards as regulated qualifications, but are not regulated by Ofqual. The two programmes together are equivalent to a Bachelors programme in terms of the volume and level of learning.

Crossfields Institute is an Awarding Organisation and Higher Education Institute (HEI) specialising inholistic and integrative education. Crossfields Institute promotes education that recognises and serves the potential of each individual. As such, it develops specialised qualifications which, through the integration of knowledge, intellectual challenge and practical skills, aim to facilitate the holistic development of learners.


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Besides speech eurythmy and music eurythmy, the following subsidiary subjects are also studied, regularly or in blocks:


 * Artistic speech/ drama

 * Choral singing

 * Music appreciation

 * Literature

 * Anatomy and physiology

 * Basic anthroposophy

 * Plant observation

 * Painting and drawing

 * Clay modelling



Entrance requirements


In order to enter the 4-year eurythmy training proof of a school-leaving exam or educational qualification, minimum GCSE (or national equivalent) is required. An entrance audition in basic movement, co-ordination and listening abilities has to be passed. For foreign students, this could be arranged in their own country with a qualified eurythmist who will provide a reliable report to Eurythmy West Midlands.



Non EU-students should check the Border Agency website for Tier 4 student visa requirements, to ascertain what is required to show you have sufficient funds to cover tuition fees and maintenance and for what period. Students from a non english speaking country will need to pass an english test.




Our training takes place on the campus of Glasshouse College, STOURBRIDGE, DY8 4HF, UK, as part of GLASSHOUSE ARTS CENTRE. This social-artistic venture, established in 2000, is a Ruskin Mill Further Education Centre for young people with learning difficulties and other special needs. A vibrant life is pursued, of craft activities and cultural, artistic events in the Studio Theatre. The  renovated full-scale theatre, seating 450 persons, opened August 2012




MAREN STOTT (eurythmy) graduated in D-Nuremberg.1982, MA Eurythmy Performing Arts (D-Alfter/Bonn) 2012.

Maren has taught in eurythmy trainings in England for over twenty years and has performed extensively as a soloist and with eurythmy stage-groups: Ashdown Eurythmy, London Stage Group, Anderida Ensemble, Kosmos Eurythmy, and Eurythmy West Midlands. She directed and performed eurythmy in Rudolf Steiner’s Mystery Dramas (1990′s), and performs Bach’s Partita in D minor with Prof. Paul Robertson (violin). Masters performance : “Water Islands” with Geoffrey Norris (speech artist) and Alan Stott (piano).


RITA KORT(eurythmy) Diploma Ringwood-Botton Eurythmy School 1990

Member of ‘Nederlands Eurythmie Ensemble’ from 1991-1996, touring around Europe extensively whilst teaching eurythmy at ‘Zonnehuis Stenia’ Zeist. Member of ‘Eurythmy Spring Valley’ 1996-1997. Teaching at the Camphill Eurythmy training from 1997- September 2014, when the school merged with West Midlands Eurythmy. Member of the Botton Eurythmy Ensemble. Eurythmy Therapy diploma in 2009.


ANNAMARIA BALOG (eurythmy) Diploma Eurythmy West Midlands 2015

Besides further artistic work started to teach children in Elmfield Steiner School and is currently persuing her MA in Eurythmy Therapy.


ALAN STOTT(piano) B.Ed. (Bristol)

Alan has worked as a musician in eurythmy trainings and eurythmy stage-groups for over 25 years. He founded Anderida Ensemble, and continues his engagement in chamber music. Alan has translated several works on eurythmy and music, including the three basic Steiner titles on eurythmy, for two of which he contributed full commentaries. Further articles appear on his website:


BRENDA RATCLIFFE (speech) graduated in London

Brenda has performed for many years with Eurythmy West Midlands. She is a practitioner of therapeutic speech, and runs the Therapeutic Speech Training in the U.K.


Other teachers give teaching blocks in their fields of expertise.

Eurythmy West Midlands

Further information on the Eurythmy Training:

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Tel: +44 (0)1384-442 563



Part-time eurythmy classes are available

Classes in eurythmy can also be taken as part-time workshops.



PERFORMING EXPERIENCE can be gained with the “Young Stage Group”.

The established stage-group “Eurythmy West Midlands” offers programmes for younger children (“Moving Tales”), upper-school pupils and evening performances.








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