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Eurythmy Performances for Schools

The company “Moving Tales” of eight artists has performed and toured programmes for children and adults for more than 12 years. Our appeal to the imagination is made through staging fairy-tales and folk-tales, with live story-telling and live music.


We specialise in stories suitable for play-school andᅠprimary school children, which can be followed up with interactive workshops.


For secondary schools, programmes are devised on topical themes, followed by workshops and discussions.


Some past Primary School Projects:


 • The Peacock Princess – aᅠBulgarian Fairy Tale

 • The Flower-Queen’s Daughter

 • The Fisher-lad of Harris

 • The Little Donkey

 • Harap Alb (from Romania)

 • “The Three Gifts of the North Wind” (from Norway)




EURYTHMY for Secondary Schools


Recent performances and workshops for Secondary School Children:


 • Erisychthon – fromᅠTales from OVID, retold by Ted Hughes

 • “Water Islands” – celebrating contempoary poems; music by Debussy

 • “Contrasts” – serious and light poems and music

 • “Impromptus” – Bilbo meets Gollum, Dylan Thomas, Schubert, & contemporary cello music


A new and highly dramatic programme begins rehearsing in October for tour in Spring 2014 onwards. For further details, contact Maren Stott via email.




“This was a highly innovative production of Ovid’s Metamorphoses, fusing together the earthly quality of the tale with the divine quality of speech.”—Dr Kenneth Gibson, Nottingham.

“This was a highly innovative production of Ovid’s Metamorphoses, fusing together the earthly quality of the tale with the divine quality of poetry.”— Dr Kenneth Gibson, Nottingham



OVID wrote his Metamorphoses in AD 8. Popular for two millennia, its themes continue to be topical. The story of Erisychthon portrays greed, divine retribution, human arrogance towards nature, and addiction leading to self-destruction. Ted Hughes has written some of his finest verse in his reworking of Ovid’s story.

Erisychthon, thinking only of the financial value of its timbers, cuts down the mighty oak sacred to Ceres, the Goddess of Plenty. The nymphs of the sacred grove appeal to Ceres to punish the criminal. She sends a mountain spirit to summon Hunger, who breathes into Erisychthon an insatiable longing for food. In order to satisfy his hunger he uses up his entire wealth, even selling his only daughter. Aided by the sea-god Neptune, she changes her form and thus repeatedly escapes. Eventually Erisychthon is driven to his inevitable end.



As with many Greek legends, the nighmareish scenario works into our subconscious in order to further our own transformation.

Workshops exploring these themes are offered with the performance.




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