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Eurythmy is an art of movement, initiated by Rudolf Steiner in the early 20th century, to help meet the needs of the modern world. It is one of the many developments arising from specific requests, which span such fields as education, the arts, agriculture and medicine, arising out of his work, which he called “Anthroposophy”.


Eurythmy, a performing art, is also practised in schools, adult classes, businesses, homes for those in need of special care and the elderly, in hospitals and as a therapy for individuals.


The instrument of eurythmy is the whole human being, in which the entire world of creation is represented, can be experienced and brought to expression. We all recognise the value of movement for health and well-being, and if, as in eurythmy, it is filled with meaning, movement can enliven our senses and imaginations.


Eurythmy brings us in touch with our feelings and gives us an opportunity for lively social interaction. For children, eurythmy nurtures healthy growth and encourages the learning process. As a therapy it can promote healing and provides the chance for us to be active in therapy ourselves.




The fascinating early days are described in “Eurythmy: its Birth and Development”, this and other books about Eurythmy are available from Anastasi Book





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