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Eurythmy West Midlands

Eurythmy West Midlands at the Glasshouse Arts Centre, Stourbridge, offers unique opportunities for:


* Full-Time Training in Eurythmy


* Post-Graduate Training in Eurythmy Therapy


* Post-Graduate Stage-Work


* Performances and Workshops



Please contact us for further information or to book a course.

Eurythmy Movement in Art

Why We Do Eurythmy

About Eurythmy

Eurythmy: Pathways and explorations through movement and art.

An art of movement with pathways in: stage performance, education, therapy, social and organisational development. Experiential learning focussing on individual development and group interaction.



Evening classes and intensive blocks are on offer. Please enquire for details!

We believe in the ascent of man. Each step ever was personal and responsible, and is still so today. Eurythmists research “what is”. We have found a method to tap universal creativity, transcending individual talent.


Of course eurythmy is a powerful means for social renewal. Of course it is an art for everyone. This path of joyful discovery is practised world-wide. It nourishes, educates and heals.


We want to share these benefits, to contribute to a better world.

Eurythmy is an art of movement, initiated by Rudolf Steiner in the early 20th century, to help meet the needs of the modern world.


It is one of the many developments arising from specific requests, which span such fields as education, the arts, agriculture and medicine, arising out of his work, which he called “Anthroposophy”.



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